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My thanks to JB Mortgage, and especially to Josh Hiller.

Before approaching JB Mortgage, we were using our previous home lender to finance our next home. In the 11th hour, my previous lender ran into complications which they could not solve, and the purchase of our dream home was about to collapse. I contacted JB Mortgage in the 11th hour. Josh Hiller muscled through the entire loan process in record time. He solved all the problems my original lender could not, and saved the purchase. Here's the kicker: JB Mortgage was my only way to get my dream home. They could have charged me anything and I would pay. Instead, they extended me a lower rate with lower out-of-pocket costs than my original lender.
Oct. 03, 2021 by Harold F., Texas

I definitely recommend JB Mortgage Group.

JB Mortgage Group was amazing. Justin Boyd is very professional and helpful. He always had the answers to any questions I had. The JB Mortgage site is very easy to navigate when uploading any documents and they have a very easy step process to let you know where the loan process is complete.
Mar. 30, 2021 by Dave R., Texas

JB Mortgage is the real deal.

As a Realtor who has been in the business since 2003, I’ve seen the spectrum of lenders in terms of professionalism and reliability. In the current lending environment, on time closings are hard to come by. JB has been proactively on the ball and closing my clients on time while providing well-priced loan products.
Mar. 30, 2021 by Debbie T., Austin, TX

5 Stars

Exceeded our expectations, up above and beyond!
Mar. 30, 2021 by Armando G., Texas

I highly, highly recommend Justin and the folks at JB Mortgage Group!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness We just worked with JB Mortgage Group to purchase a home in Austin, TX and couldn't have had a better experience! Justin and his team were so responsive, informative and one step ahead of everything that came our way. It was a truly wonderful experience, which I know isn't always the case when buying a home.
Mar. 27, 2021 by Annie S., Texas

First Class efforts from a First Class team, thank you all. You are all ROCK STARS!!!

The JB Mortgage team was exceptional in their knowledge and dedicated efforts in helping us make this new home purchase possible. We couldn't be happier with the help we received from so many on their team. Their professionalism and really awesome personalities made our experience something really special. We were in constant communication about various aspects of the process and many of them spent many hours helping make this dream come true for our family. We can't even begin to adequately express our appreciation and gratitude for their patience and persistence to make it happen. First Class efforts from a First Class team, thank you all. You are all ROCK STARS!!! God bless and prayers for a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years.
Dec. 21, 2020 by David & Ali H., Georgetown, TX

Thanks Justin, it was a pleasure working with your team!

Justin and his team at JB Mortgage were great to work with! Being a first time home buyer, I had very little knowledge on what it took to obtain a mortgage. I was referred to JB Mortgage by my realtor, and so thankful for that. After getting quotes/rates from the big dogs (Navy Federal, Rocket, Quicken, etc.) Justin's rates were just as competitive, if not better! What really sold me was the responsiveness and caring attitude. Justin got on many calls with me where I asked tons of questions, and he had a thoughtful explanation for them all. I really was able to learn the lending process which made me more comfortable for the transaction. Always get quotes from multiple lenders, but never undervalue the worth of someone who's on your side and cares for your purchase.
Dec. 02, 2020 by Zac B., Manhattan, New York, NY

They made it super easy to achieve that goal. Awesome.

Worked with these guys after being referred by my realtor. Responsive, up front, transparent, and communicative. I also greatly appreciate being able to do everything digitally and not deal with a lot of physical paperwork.
Mar. 30, 2020 by Jonathan S., Texas

Wow. The experience using Justin and the team has been so customer friendly.

As a first time buyer, I had a ton of questions and was very indecisive. Justin and the team answered everything, never made me feel stupid, and were very forthcoming whereas the other lenders I was shopping were not friendly and were underestimating fees to make it seem like they were better. Justin's approach is to overestimate fees so that there are no surprises. I very much appreciate that approach. In fact, I ended up bringing less money to close than on the estimates! Now, for the biggest shout out. They closed me in 2 weeks, during the Christmas holiday. WOW! Just incredible and seamless. I always heard that buying a house was so hard and painstaking. If you use as your lender, then at least that part of the homebuying process will be a breeze! Highly recommend.
Dec. 28, 2019 by Jeremiah S., San Francisco, CA

Came to the rescue three days prior to closing when a big bank told me they could no longer close.

Not only did they get it done when no other lender was able but they did it in record time! Two weeks. In addition they have great service and competitive rates.
Jun. 27, 2019 by David T., Austin, TX

Justin Boyd and his team have handled the majority of my client's real estate loans for years.

The single biggest antagonist in any real estate deal is the lending/finances. Many lenders overstate what they can do as well as how much they can do it for and definitely don't have local roots or knowledge like Justin Boyd. Previously we were beset with fly-by-night lenders with promises never delivered. Justin and his team detect and meets needs with Community roots and local access - financial problems and tediousness never hits my desk and always stays on theirs. Always quick and accurate about financial terrain and what can be done now - or in the future. Once challenging tasks and now become memorable pleasant experiences for my clients. Lending -- you definitely need a Captain to bring you through today's Financial waters. Justin Boyd and his team are the vessel that I gladly use for financial safety & security in Texas real estate lending.
Mar. 30, 2019 by James H., Texas

I give them my highest recommendation.

My husband and I are first time home buyers and had an amazing experience working with Justin and his team. As a first time home buyer, I expected the mortgage lending process to be complicated and was intimidated to get started. Justin made the whole process easy and stress-free. The technology platform is efficient and user-friendly. The level of service and communication was amazing and made us feel comfortable from start to finish.
Dec. 07, 2017 by Erica W., Austin, TX

I highly recommend these guys, FIVE STARS all around!!!

My first home buying experience was absolutely amazing thanks to Justin Boyd and his entire team, I had the BEST customer service experience. From the very beginning they took their time with me and kindly explained every step of the process making sure I understood everything and felt comfortable. They were very professional, knowledgeable, responsive and there was constant communication throughout the entire process which I might add was a very quick closing process as I had requested due to lack of time on my end. I cannot thank them enough for making this such and smooth and painless process for me. THANKS AGAIN Justin, Josh and Kee!
Nov. 15, 2017 by Ana R., Austin, TX

The system they have was simple, efficient, and easy.

I'm in the lending services industry and used Justin and his team to finance my first home. The system they have was simple, efficient, and easy. Now I refer both my friends and colleagues to Justin knowing they will also receive outstanding service.
Jun. 22, 2017 by Chris M., Austin, TX

Five stars from start to finish.

My wife Kate and I were first time homebuyers. We asked many a stupid question - and Justin was patient, thorough and understanding from start to finish. They also have a super cool product that combines a home purchase and remodel into one loan, one interest rate and one underwriting process.
Apr. 19, 2017 by David P., Austin, TX